10 Fast And Easy Tips For A More Cheerful Home This Summer

There’s nothing like hitting the beach in the summer to give your spirits a boost and make you feel great.

A day at the beach.

Do you feel like you need a day at the beach?

But does your home also make you feel cheerful and relaxed?

If you’d like to give your rooms a lighter, brighter look and feel for summer, check out these fast and easy tips.

1. Wash your windows to allow the maximum amount of light to filter in and brighten your rooms.

2. Clear clutter off the floor. Remove anything that isn’t furniture.

3. Buy fresh cut or potted flowers and display them on your coffee table.

Flowers on coffee table

Fresh flowers on your coffee table can boost your spirits and make your living room look elegant.

4. Play soft, instrumental music and put out scented soy candles.

5. Check your lamps to ensure you have the maximum wattage light bulbs in each one.

6. Repair (or replace, if necessary) anything that is broken or torn.

7. Clean out or tidy one drawer or shelf per day.

8. Roll up and store all rugs, except for the living room.

9. Get 18″ or 20″ light, solid-colored linen or cotton pillows, one pair for your sofa and one set for your bed.

10. Store heavy or dark-colored velvets, chenille or woolen throws, pillows or bedding.

Hopefully, once your home is summer-ready, you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll want to keep it “as is” until Thanksgiving!

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