8 Easy, Inexpensive and Cool Headboard Alternatives

If you need an easy, inexpensive and cool headboard for a guest room or a child’s room, here are some options:

1. Hang a large framed mirror behind the bed.

Mirrored headboard

A mirrored headboard can make a bedroom feel more spacious and bright by reflecting light from a nearby window.

2. Use wood molding to create a headboard shape; paint the inside section in any hue from your color scheme or fill the interior with wallpaper.

3. Get a big piece of plywood, cut to your desired shape. Cover the board with batting and then fabric. Attach fabric on the back using a staple gun and then attach to wall.

4. Secure a decorative screen or a pair of doors to the wall behind the head of the bed.

Recycled shutters or doors can serve as a headboard.

Recycle shutters or doors.

5. Line up a few wooden shutters or an old wood fence to create a headboard effect.

6. Display 4, 6, 8 or 9 large prints or botanicals in matching frames, grouped in even rows and hung close together to serve as a headboard.

7. Paint or draw a headboard on the wall to coordinate with the style and colors in your bedroom. Consider blackboard paint for drawing a chalk headboard.

A chalkboard paint headboard that can be changed on a whim.

With a piece of chalk, a chalkboard paint headboard can be changed on a whim.

8. For the least expensive yet effective headboard: Stand a European square pillow covered in a tailored sham upright at the head of your bed. Use one pillow for a twin bed, two pillows for a full or queen bed and three pillows for a king bed.

Note: To create the most restful, safe environment with good Feng Shui, avoid using metal or bookcases as headboards.

Sweet dreams!

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