8 Tips For Having A Successful Autumn Tag Sale

Tag sales and autumn go together like milk and cookies.

If you are thinking about having a sale in order to declutter your home and make some extra money, here are 8 tips from my book, Downsizing Your Home With Style: Living Well In A Smaller Space, to help make it a success:

garagesale1. The best day for a tag sale is Saturday, with Sunday as a backup rain date. The best seasons are spring through fall, from April through November.

2. The more merchandise you have to sell, the better. If you don’t think you have enough, ask a friend or a neighbor to partner with you.

3. Whenever possible, use tags that attach with string rather than sticky price labels, which are difficult to remove.

East to remove tags

Use easy -to-remove price tags

4. The items most likely to sell are antiques, collectibles, sterling silver and silver plate, small lamps and appliances, garden furniture and accessories, pottery, framed prints, black-and-white photographs, watercolors, oil paintings, tools, sporting equipment, CDs, electronic equipment (in working order), and linens.

5. Save plastic grocery shopping bags for a couple of weeks so that you can wrap the things you sell. And stock up on cardboard boxes to display books (spines up) and old records.

Organize records and books in cardboard boxes.

Organize records and books in cardboard boxes.

6. To get the most for what you have to sell, be sure everything you display has been cleaned and dusted.

7. Have festive music playing to create an upbeat, fun atmosphere.

Tag sales are fun!

Create a fun atmosphere!

8. Price things to sell! The object is to get rid of them, not to get rich.


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