10 Reasons To Train At Home and turn your passion into a career you love
  1. Follow your passion and become a certified Interior Redecorator by learning the Use What You Have system which has transformed thousands of homes since 1981.
  2. Turn your talent into a profitable, innovative small-business.
  3. Train at home at your own pace with the pioneer of the one-day design industry.
  4. Save gas, airfare, hotel and expenses and benefit from minimal start-up costs.
  5. Open your own home-based business immediately after certification and be your own boss – work as much, or as little, as you like.
  6. Save time and money with a fast-track, comprehensive certification program.
  7. Be able to redecorate any home, in any style, with any budget.
  8. Discover how to decorate several rooms, or stage an entire home, in just one day.
  9. Offer a budget-oriented service – show clients how to reuse, recycle & repurpose.
  10. Review training DVDs whenever you want a refresher.

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