Better Feng Shui This Thanksgiving

On your mark, get set, go!
If you clean out your kitchen cupboards this week you’ll have more space to work and your home will have better Feng Shui this Thanksgiving.

Organized shelves - make the kitchen look more tranquil

Donate, or give friends, any old serving dishes, pots, vases, mismatched glassware and other pieces you haven’t used in the last 5 years; perhaps they can utilize them. If not, have a tag sale or post on and someone will probably come and pick it all up. Be realistic: if you haven’t put the stuff to use in half a decade do you think you’re going to start on November 25th?


It will feel really good when can open your cabinet and see some unobstructed space on the shelves. You’ll probably feel like you can breathe better, too.

So, if you can, take 30- 45 minutes and clear your buffet, china closet or cupboard  – right now. You know you want it; you’d really like it.

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