Originally from France

An epergne is a handy countertop storage piece.

An epergne (from viva terra.com) is useful in a bathroom or kitchen.

and made from silver to hold sweets or flowers on tables in more formal dining rooms, epergnes (pronounced, a-pern) were called “surtouts.” Today, they are made from various other metals as well as porcelain.

The most common, three-tiered epergne baskets, are used for practical and pretty displays, filled with fruits and vegetables on kitchen counters, or for parties, filled with sweets such as cupcakes. In bathrooms they are equally practical when used for soaps, toiletries, candles and other small objects.

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Thank You, Mayor Bloomberg

December 10, 2013

As Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s third term comes to an end, I’d like to express my appreciation for all he has done to make New York City a greener, healthier and prettier place to live.

Without getting into remarks about his politics, it seems to me that he has handled his mayoralty with integrity and real concern for the people of the city.

Yes, some of his policies have been tough but I, for one, am happy to have a  cleanliness rating system for food service businesses, a Million Tree NYC program (800,000 of which have already been planted), a mostly smoke-free metropolis, restaurants that are encouraged to serve healthier fare, and a 311 citizen’s complaint phone line to address quality-of-life issues such as noise pollution. Even the spectacular lighted displays on Broadway have doubled and are more breath-taking than ever before.

Times Square - better than ever.

Times Square is more dazzling than ever.

So, thank you, Mayor Bloomberg. You have done one heck of job making New York City a better place and this native is truly grateful.

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Use What You Have Decorating Consultations: Fun, Stimulating And Surprising

November 26, 2013 Accessories

It’s such a blessing to have Use What You Have Decorating work. It is fun, stimulating and always surprising. With constantly changing clients, spaces and furnishings, I never know what I’m walking into and, therefore, look forward to every consultation. Sometimes the physical changes are quite dramatic; other times all that is required are a […]

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An Autumn Jog Around New York City

November 18, 2013 Color

It has been very mild in New York for the last few days – today it is in the 60s and clear. To take advantage of the beautiful weather, Joe and I decided to jog around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir in Central Park this morning, rather than go to an indoor yoga class. In […]

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