Child-Safe Interior Decorating

A few decorating tips to fix up your home

By ClubMom Decorating Expert Lauri Ward

Bulletin! Bulletin!

If the natural cork and the pine frame of your child’s bulletin board don’t work well with the rest of the decor, simply paint the entire surface in the semi-gloss color of your choice and use color-coordinated or clear plastic push pins to display artwork and schoolwork.

Display Storage

Instead of using a wallpaper border to spiff up your child’s room, have a 6- to 8-inch wooden shelf mounted 12 inches below the ceiling all around the periphery of the room. Stained or painted to match the trim or furnishing, it will provide room to display toys and stuffed animals. As with any display of “collectibles,” put all the stuffed animals in one area on the shelving, all the dolls together, and so on, to create an organized and attractive display that can be changed as your child grows. Remember that these items will be beyond the reach of a small child and should not be used for toys or games that are used on a daily basis.

Preventive Plumbing

To prevent a potentially dangerous problem before it happens, install a “Scald Safe” faucet in the bathtub. Its built-in hot water sensor will automatically shut off the water when it gets too hot. An automatic restart button makes resetting a snap.

Hide the Hardware

If you have a built-in cabinet or storage closet in a high-traffic area of your home, get it fitted with touch-latch magnetic hardware. There will be no handle or knob to protrude and possibly harm a young (or older) passerby, and your smooth-fronted cabinet will be virtually invisible.

© Lauri Ward, 2006.

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