A Fab Home Office

If your office is uninspiring, consider creating great impact by restyling your filing cabinet. What does your filing cabinet look like? Is it drab grey, green or putty metal? Is it Formica or 80’s oak? Does it serve as a nightstand, an end table or is it entirely designated for office use? If it is less than beautiful, fit it with a slipcover that coordinates with the room. If you don’t sew, hire an upholsterer.

A typical box has 6 sides. Your slipcover will have 5 sides. Attach the drawer side (the front panel) of the slipcover only to the top panel of fabric. You can either sew the front panel to the top panel and roll it up to access your drawers, or attach it with Velcro, so that it can be removed for easy access.

The slipcover’s skirt can be gathered, box pleated or flat seamed at the corners.

Finish by having a piece of glass cut to fit the exact dimensions of your cabinet top for added protection and easy cleaning. Typical glass has a green tint.

Consider purchasing Star Fire glass, which is colorless, if your budget allows. Have the edges polished for a sophisticated look and the sharp corners softened for safety.

Now that the outside is beautiful it’s time to beautify the inside. Make a list of every file label you have and need. Choose your favorite and easy to read computer font. Begin typing your label titles in the largest font that will fit into your label sleeves. Leave enough space between titles, so they can be cut out to fit the plastic sleeves perfectly.

From drab to FAB in a day!

Tip submitted by:

Melissa Bolinger, IRN

Room Restyle in a day, Long Beach, CA