Autumn's Delicious Scents

In the Spring we threw open our windows and brought in the fragrances of roses, and lilacs. Now, with cooler nights and wood burning fires, we once again want to bring in the scents of the season.

Store your spring candles away for next year, and bring out the wonderful comforting candles with the aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon, pine, cranberries, and apple pie. You don?t want to overwhelm your senses with all of these, instead choose a couple that work well together and place in areas of your home that greet you upon entering ? back hall near the garage is a nice place to start! Keep sizes and shapes of your candles in mind too. Mix and match for an interesting tablescape. Bring out unusual dishes or accessories to hold them for added interest.

Of course make sure they are stable by adhering a little ‘sticky Tak’ to the bottom of the candle, and never leave them burning in an area that you are not occupying. Ahhh, can?t you smell fall in the air?

Tip submitted by:

Carol Iberger, IRN

RE-DEUX Design, Marblehead, MA