Beautifully Organized Home Office

Creating a beautifully organized home office isn’t as hard as you might think. A home office should reflect your personality, so get creative and use what you love and already have.

A typical home office consists of several things: reference files, action paper, phone, computer, printer/fax and supplies. For most, paper is a challenge, and for good reason, there’s lots of it! First things first: make sure that the extra paper doesn’t even enter your home office. Recycle and sort mail and incoming paper before it even hits your desk. Doing this on a regular basis will help you keep it all under control.

Remember that the only things in your home office should be work related. It will not only help you focus, but will make it easier to maintain order. Your work surface, or desk, will need your phone, computer and a few supplies within reach. Keep your reference files (less used paperwork) within reach of your office chair. This makes retrieving them a snap! For your supplies, try using attractive containers such as shaving cups, canning jars or even vases to hold the essentials. Remember to use pairs to emphasize your natural focal point in your office. This could be the large picture window, a beautiful piece of art or your desk. A candle in your favorite fragrance, ample lighting and a comfortable chair will improve your mood and your productivity in your home office.

A beautifully organized home office not only reflects you, but also your livelihood. Make it a place you love to be!

Tip submitted by:

Brandi Kajino, IRN

Organize & Simplify, Vancouver, Washington