Breathe New Life into Old Frames

We all have a variety of picture frames that are dated, damaged or mismatched. You’ve probably received some as gifts, bought special frames for a specific picture, had family photos passed on to you or have old frames that just aren’t your style anymore. Instead of throwing them away or donating them, have some fun reviving them!

Here are just a few ideas to give your old frames some new life;

? If you have a group of pictures with frames that are different styles and colors, refinishing them all the same color will give your collection a more cohesive look.

? Designate one wall in your home for a black and white photo gallery; spray paint your old frames either a flat or gloss black then add a crisp white or cream mat with a black and white or sepia photograph. (You can take your color photos and have them copied in black and white or sepia at your nearest photo center). This will add a wonderful dramatic flair to any room.

? Cover a damaged or dated frame with silver or gold leaf. (You can purchase kits at your favorite craft or hardware store). This will conceal the damage and add an elegant touch to your home.

? Display your children’s artwork with your old or new inexpensive frames painted in primary colors in their play room. This will make your kids feel proud of there artistic talent! You can also display them in your garage with a more stylish frame, after a hard day at work you’ll come home and the first thing you’ll see is your children’s beautiful work!

? Dry brush metallic bronze paint to highlight your plain black frames; this will give them a softer, more updated look.

There are so many different ways to transform your old frames; you’ll be amazed at how creative you can be! Have fun!

Tip submitted by:

Julie Oppenheimer, IRN

Refined Redesign, San Diego, California