Bringing the Inside Out

During the summer months many of us enjoy spending time in our outside living spaces, whether it is on a patio, deck, or around the pool.

As you view the outside from your interior living space, you will want your lounge cushions and sun umbrella to be a compatible color scheme or at least neutral.

Case in point—–One of my clients had a whole wall of floor to ceiling windows in their great room, facing south with a view of the pool. She had chosen royal blue/white striped cushions for their three chaise lounges, a settee, and four chairs and a royal blue sun umbrella. Her thought was she wanted the royal blue to coordinate with the blue pool liner, which made sense.

To her dismay, the royal blue clashed horribly with their interior color scheme. She had not taken into consideration the view from the inside to the outside through the wall of windows. This became apparent after the fact. Needless to say, a very expensive mistake was made.

Next week, Bring the Outside In

Tip submitted by:

Wendy Herr, IRN

Rooms Redefined, LLC, Florida and Pennsylvania