Bringing the Outside In

Last week we talked about the flow of our interior living space to our outside living space. This week, we will do the reverse.

If your are trying to make a decision on what color to paint your walls, look out your window and consider bringing the color of nature or the cityscape to the inside. Think of the view as living art with a palette of many colors from which to choose.

One of my clients had a water view of the bay. This led to a bluish charcoal shade, the color of the water, for her office/den walls. It contrasted nicely with her off-white painted wall unit and trim. The printed fabric on the loveseat and the striped fabric on a chair both contained a bit of the wall color.

Another client had a golf course view and beautiful shade trees. Her choices were various shades of green, which complimented her upholstered pieces.

Mother Nature provides us with a palette of neutrals that coordinate with any color.

Tip submitted by:

Wendy Herr, IRN

Rooms Redefined, LLC,  Florida and Pennsylvania