Chandelier Sparkle

Do you like the style of your light fixture, but dislike the finish? Here is an easy, cost-saving tip that I recommend to a lot of my clients who have builder-grade chandeliers in their homes, to give them a facelift:

First, take down the chandelier. Then, suspend a board between two saw horses and attach the chandelier to the board. Spray paint the chandelier (don’t forget to spray the chains, too), add pretty clip-on shades and add the WOW factor with some crystals and crystal chains.

Some lighting stores carry magnetized crystal chains and individual crystals in all shapes and sizes. (Checked to make sure magnets will adhere to your chandelier.)

The chandelier can also be decorated to reflect the seasons in a variety of colors. It’s a lot of fun to change the shade colors, too. If you already have little lampshades that are plain, the interior of the shade can be spray-painted a metallic color, then the outside can be a spray painted a completely different hue. For some more fun, add tassel braids or beads to the bottom.

And be sure to use blue painters tape to protect areas you don’t want sprayed!

Tip submitted by:

Diane Haignere, IRN

Ready Set ReDesign, Worthington, Ohio