Cozy up with Color!

Cold winter months mean spending more time indoors, so why not enjoy it? To warm up a home for winter add touches of comfort by bringing in colorful pillows and throws of different textures. Candles and fireplaces also add a glow of richness.

Adding greenery brings in color and texture and a favorite of mine is Thai Caladium. It has beautiful variegated leaves with touches of green, white and pinkish-burgundy. Check out your local farmers market or favorite nursery for different varieties of greens or flowers. Adding potted flowers or vases with bunches of tulips, dahlias, daffodils or anemones in the hottest colors you can find will bring a pop of color to any dark room. You can stray from your color scheme a bit or intensify the colors you are already using.

Soon winter will be gone and spring will arrive will all those beautiful colors and flowers we love!

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Tip submitted by:

Valerie Spelman, IRN

Vignettes of Refinement, San Clemente, CA