Create a Mood with Color – part 1

Most people avoid painting a room because it can be overwhelming and a bit frightening. There are so many colors and choices, where does one begin? If your room is fully furnished, or has upholstered furniture or window treatments with multiple colors, you may want to start there by pulling out a favorite color. You can either match the color or tone it up or down (making it lighter or darker).

If you have more flexibility, or are starting from scratch, you can start by asking yourself the question: “What mood am I trying to create in this room?” As you may or may not know, colors evoke different emotions and moods. Here are some colors and the words most people associate with them:

Yellows: Warm, energetic, welcoming, uplifting, joyful, intuitive, bright and sunny. Good for a hallway, study, office, living room, kitchen or dining room.

Greens: Soothing, tranquil, restful, peaceful, balanced, healing, and nature. Good in kitchens, dining rooms, den or study. FYI – green is the most restful color to the eye.

Blues: Tranquil, cool, calm, peaceful, soothing, serene, sky/water, independence. Excellent for bedrooms and kitchens/dining rooms (if you don’t want to stimulate the appetite).

To Be Continued… more colors in next week’s tip

Tip submitted by:

Adrienne Feehan, IRN

The Room Restyler, Hillsboro, Oregon