Create a Mood with Color – part 2

Most people avoid painting a room because it can be overwhelming and a bit frightening. There are so many colors and choices, where does one begin? Last week we showed you some colors and the words most people associate with them. Here are some more…..

Indigo (Violet blue) Sensual, peaceful, cool, spiritual, moderate. Suggested for eating areas, library, study or den. It is well suited to rooms with lots of windows.

Violet Romantic, mysterious, sexy, ethereal, introspective, powerful, decadence and royalty. Violet is sedate but pleasant in dining/living rooms and is cool and restful in bedrooms.

Red Passionate, exciting, energetic, courageous, powerful, strength and lively.

Use darker shades for dramatic living rooms or in the library. Red stimulates appetite and conversation so also good in kitchens or dining rooms.

Orange Extroverted, cheerful, exuberant, active, and energizing. Brighten a basement, family room or entry hall. Various shades are also good for any other room in the house. If you look closely, many restaurants and coffee houses have shades of orange on their walls.

Other things to consider are natural light, the size of the room, picking an accent wall, light and bright vs. warm and cozy. Most importantly, will the paint color work with the existing floor color?

Yes, there are many things to consider when choosing a paint color but remember, painting is one of the least expensive ways to decorate but often makes the room. Painting color swatches is highly recommended but should your paint job fail, just try again. If you’re still uncomfortable or wish to avoid mistakes, contact your local interior refiner for paint color consulting; it’s really affordable.

Tip submitted by:

Adrienne Feehan, IRN

The Room Restyler, Hillsboro, Oregon