Decorating With Books

Book Covers Made Easy- Who hasn’t seen the beautiful bookcases filled with white covered books in shelter magazines? Books are the one decorative accessory we all have at home.

To get this designer look, you can purchase individual sheets of hand made paper available at art supply stores and some stationary shops or simply buy a roll of white craft paper and relive your grade school text book covering days! Or (drum roll please!), just take the hardcover jacket off, reverse the cover and discover that every hardcover book jacket is WHITE on the reverse! It’s a clean, fresh accessorizing idea that everyone has easy access to. Use your books stacked, staggered and lined up on shelves or bookcases, on coffee tables, side or console tables with a lamp or bust or small decorative item on top, or stacked to create a small side table all on its own.

Decorating with books covered or not, is a simple, affordable technique for accessorizing with flair!

Tip submitted by:

Anne Furey IRN

PlaceLift, MA