Glass Block-buster!

A simple home center purchase of glass blocks can yield tons of creative decorating solutions. A box of 8 will give you 4 sets of bookends to use in your bookcases or for free standing books throughout your house. They can be used upright for smaller spaces or on their sides displaying different elevations.

Open ended glass blocks can be stuffed with strings of clear lights then set in a forest of winter trees making for an impressive icy mountain in your holiday scene.

Glass blocks are useful risers for a casual buffet table; add a table cloth for a more formal look. By mixing closed and open blocks and adding flowers you will have a quick and unique floral arrangement for your buffet setting.

Just one open ended glass block is an attractive solution for all that spare change from your purse or pockets. And remember, nothing ever has to stay in the same place for long?because they are durable, your glass blocks can be used for all sorts of things as time passes and your tastes change!

Tip submitted by:

Linda Hammond, IRN

Designs Refined, Acton/Agua Dulce, CA