Green Thumb or Not!

Most of us enjoy having plants in our home, but not all of us have a green thumb. Here’s a solution: Consider grouping silk plants with a live one to trick the eye.

Many of the silk plants available today look so real that you have to touch them to satisfy your curiosity. For a pleasing visual effect when grouping plants, keep in mind leaf size, texture, and use varying heights. For example, start with a faux six-foot ficus or palm. To the right and slightly in front of the ficus, add a live philodendron on a stand with the height totaling approximately three to four feet. Philodendrons and peace lilies do well in low light areas, and are easy to grow. Finally, add a faux Boston fern that is full and fills in the space just off the floor, in front of the ficus tree and Boston fern. These three plants are suggestions; you can try others, if you prefer. Remember to use coordinating containers for all three plants.

This concept can work well in most settings and is cost effective. Obviously, the faux plants last for years, and the only one in the group you might have to replace is the live one. That is, if your eye doesn’t trick you and you water the faux one!

Tip submitted by:

Wendy Herr, IRN

Rooms Redefined, LLC, Florida and Pennsylvania