Helpdesk for the Home

Did you know that most product manufacturers have technical departments with well-trained personnel who can answer your questions about their product and its proper installation? Through experience I?ve found most of them to be very knowledgeable and very willing to help.

Just last week, despite good planning, I needed the immediate help for an expandable track lighting installation. Because I knew my best source for reliable information, my situation turned out very well. Here are a few tips so yours will too:

?Resist scheduling an install until you have the product in-hand.

?Make sure all parts needed are there, e.g., connectors for expandable track lighting.

?Talk with a knowledgeable sales rep.

‘show the product to your installer ahead of time.

?Review the product and instructions yourself. If you?re not confident everything you need is there, consult with the manufacturer’s technical department.

?How to find them: (1) Look for a number on the packaging (2) ask your retailer for contact information, or (3) try the internet

Tip submitted by:

Toni Martin, IRN

Room Lifts by Antoinette, GA