Holiday Tips

Tired of the traditional round wreath for your front door, try making or purchasing a rectangular wreath made out of boxwood, cedar, eucalyptus & dried lavender sprigs for a traditional meets modern approach. Add a splash of color with a spectacular bow! Who says that you can only use red, green, gold and silver when you are decorating for the holidays? For a refreshing change of pace, bring nontraditional colors into your Christmas scheme. Lavenders, pinks and soft greens will work beautifully.

Tired of greenery and decorations falling from your mantel, try this portable one-piece display. Cut 3/4 inch plywood slightly smaller than the mantle. Screw cup hooks into the wood in two staggered rows, spacing the hooks about 15 inches apart. String wire around the hooks to form a lattice grid form. Attach greenery and decorations with floral wire, tucking heavy greenery ends under the hooks. This form can be reused year after year.

Use fishing line to hang wreaths. Wrap fishing line around the back top of the wreath form, leaving 2 long ends. Run the ends over the door and attach to a nail on the top of the door.

Don’t forget to decorate overlooked rooms such as your kitchen. Decorate with fruits, nuts, pinecones and ribbons.

Don’t have time to decorate. Keep it simple w/organic decorations and bring the outside in with fresh greenery. The smell is amazing! If you don?t have enough greenery, tuck small amounts of fresh greens among the fake greens. No one will ever know and you will still get the holiday scent!

Tip submitted by:

Ann Marie Green, IRN

Room ReVision, Media, PA