How to Inject Color Into Your Home

Nothing can bring life into a home like color. It is the quickest and least expensive way to update and freshen a space. However, many clients are a little nervous about painting a room with a strong color.

One way to make a strong color statement is by using a strong color on just one wall. Choose a wall that has an interesting architectural feature like a fireplace and make it an even stronger focal point by painting it with a bold color. A beautiful red wall behind a fireplace will really bring a room into focus and make it cozy.If you live in an apartment or condo which doesn’t have any architectural interest, you can makea room more interesting by painting one wall with a deep color such as navy blue oreggplant. This will create depth in the room and make it appear less boxy.

There are other ways to add color without paint. Using colorful accent fabrics to make throw pillows is a quick and easy way to brighten a space. Replace your white and ivory lampshades with shades in interesting colors for an inexpensive update. Add colorful accessories such as glass vases to a table top for color impact.

When choosing colors for a room, think about the mood you want to create and the function of the room. Cool colors such as blue and green have a more calming effect while warm colors such as red and yellow are stimulating. For maximum impact choose two complementary colors (on opposite sides of the color wheel) and mix with a neutral such as white or gray. To make a quieter color statement keep colors harmonious (close to each other on the color wheel).

Most importantly, choose colors you love and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Tip submitted by:

Laura Lacy-Thompson, IRN

Renew, Redo, Redecorate, Briarcliff Manor, NY