Looking to Nature's Palette when Decorating

If you have a neutral palette, look closely at your favorite flowers and pull your spring colors from it. My spring living room will be the colors of an astromeria, bright pink, sunshine yellow and orange. Nature always gives us great ideas for design, take your clue from nature, justoutside your window.

Silk fabrics are another very popular and favorite way of decoratingbecause of their rich and beautiful colors, and wonderful luster. Make sure you do protect them from fading however, by using a fabric spray to repel UV rays.

Interior Refiners are a great source when the economy seems to be in a downward trend. We can take those items that you love and adore and achieve a fresh look to make your home beautiful and functional. So with Spring on its way, a fresh new paint color and the use of a few accessories can change the look of your home with little money spent. Let us make a difference in your home today, by calling an Interior Refiner in your area.

Tip submitted by:

Karen E. Sironi, IRN

Austin Interior Refinement, Austin, TX