Make The Most Of The Space You Live In

Here are a few easy steps to give the illusion of more space in your rooms, without knocking down walls.

? Look for different ways to rearrange your furniture and accessories to make your rooms more spacious. ? Choose patterns wisely. Avoid large, bold prints, which can overpower small spaces. ? Color provides an emotional tone to a room. Brighten your space by selecting a pale color palette. They reflect the sunlight better than darker tones making the space seem airier. ? Think BIG for small spaces. Many people make the mistake of purchasing small scale pieces of furniture, instead choose a few streamline pieces such as a low back sofa or a glass cocktail table. ? Create the illusion of more space by using mirrors. Not only do they open up the space visually, mirrors will also help to reflect light around the room.

Creating harmony in our homes and loving what we have and see is the most satisfactory way to live. It will also save you time, energy and money.

Tip submitted by:

Sandra Cook , IRN

Home Stylist, llc, Voorhees NJ