Message Central without the Mess

Has your refrigerator become message central? All those bits and pieces can createvisual chaos. To cut down on the cluttered feeling that comes from a refrigerator covered in magnets, messages and reminders -paint the inside of a kitchen cabinet door with magnetic paint or chalkboard paint and move message central behind closed doors!

You can find these specialty paints atyour localcraft or hardwarestore, several major manufacturers now haveproducts on the market.

Chalkboard paints are generally available in both green and black. After applyingthree to four coats of chalkboard paint to the backof a cabinet door,you’ll have your own private message board to share with your family.

Follow the directions on the product’s label to be sure, but most magnetic paints say they are good for use on all surfaces. Apply four to sixcoats of magnetic paint, thentop with a coat ofany paint color you like.When the paint is dry you canclearyour magnets and messages from the refrigerator door- and you’ll find that you alsoclear thefeeling of disarray and disorganization from the kitchen.

Viola! Message Central without the mess!

Tip submitted by:

Liz Nash, IRN

DesignWise with Liz, New York, NY