Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall?

Clients always ask me what to put on their blank walls when decorating, besides the ubiquitous framed mirror. Although there is no shortage of solutions, traditional and otherwise, not everyone is an art buff or can afford to splurge on an investment piece at a gallery. When you’ve outgrown that Georgia O’Keefe poster from college, what other options are there? Some of my favorite ideas for wall dcor involve shopping your own collections and home for the simplest items. Beautiful remnants of fabric can be framed and grouped on a wall for a unique and graphic arrangement. The same could be said for wallpaper samples and high quality wrapping paper. At just a few dollars per sheet, you can create a true work of art in minutes. I also love treating children’s artwork as high art. With a matte and a simple frame, these drawings look best when grouped in a casual family-room atmosphere. Record albums, compact disc cover-art and book jackets can all be framed and hung for a personalized media room that is guaranteed to spark conversation with your guests.

So try looking at your collections with an artistic eye to decorate your walls. All you need are the frames of your choice. Wait! Even empty frames, with their mattes removed, can be hung for an architectural statement!

Tip submitted by:

Gina Stigi, IRN

By Design Interiors, Upper Montclair, NJ