Name That Room!

Here’s a fun and useful tip to use as you begin a new decorating project.

After determining the priorities for the room, like what room it is, how it will be used and by who, what items are needed, etc., give your room a name! This will aid in making all the choices necessary for designing a space that lives up to the style you set out to create.

Our “Rustic, Country Lodge” invokes thoughts of earthy colors, knotty pine tables, nail head leather seating and black wrought iron accessories for a comfortable family room. Design a light and airy sun room called “Mary’s Breezy” Springtime Retreat”, then furnish it with white painted wicker furniture, soft pastel colors, decorative birdcages and planters filled with living greenery and prints of springtime flowers. A little boy’s bedroom might be “Jacob’s Old-fashioned Playroom” and would sport colors in sepia tones and muted blues and reds, decorated with vintage toys, a well worn baseball mitt, a furless teddy bear, Cracker Jack boxes and Raggedy Andy sitting on the shelf.

How about “Jenny’s Retro Hangout” for a teen’s room, or “Dad’s Sport’s Den’, maybe, “Hillary’s Hollywood Haven”.

Getting the picture?

This is a great way to involve your family in the planning and to guide you as you shop and make selections for color, furnishings and accessories. So give it a try as you create your personal space and have fun!

Tip submitted by:

Patricia Kendall, IRN

Creative Decor, Hatfield, PA