New Year – New Organizational Habits

During the bleak winter months, it is a great time to organize your home. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Sort: Go through one room at a time and sort everything in each space in three separate piles: ” keep,” “donate,” and “trash.” Containers: There are so many stores and catalogs that offer not only useful, butpretty, containers to hold your stuff so that you can find it more easily, insteadofhaving it piled on your desk, bureau, tabletops, kitchen counter, etc.

If you think you’ll forget what you’ve put in the containers, you can buy clear boxes for the most-used items. Organize each container to hold like things, i.e. cell phone chargers, batteries, photo CDs, etc. Help your children do this in their rooms, as well, with small toys that can easily be misplaced.

The above suggestions can get you started and by the time you’ve organized your last room the nice weather will return and you can get back outdoors.

Tip submitted by:

Carol Iberger, IRN

Re-Deux Design, Marblehead, MA