Small Home Office

If you have a small space that serves as your home office and you find it difficult to accommodate filing cabinets and a desk, consider this easy idea:

Use at least2 or3 standard-size filing cabinets and line them up, close together. Have a piece of glass fitted to go over them that is slightly oversized so that your knees can fit comfortably underneath… your newly-created desk-top. Make sure you ask for beveled edges, and not straight corners.

To hide the cabinets, look for a beautiful fabric to skirt all around using Velcro strips under the glass. Add a vase of fresh flowers, an ink blotterwith a fun border design,and a tall desk lampusing the same or a contrasting fabric for your lampshade. Purchase oversized woven basketsto display onshelving, above on your walls, or even on the floor below, to hold magazines/catalogs or reference books which can also add to an organized look.

You now have multipurpose items that will help you feel ready to go to work in your ‘office.’