Small Spaces

Don?t neglect your small spaces! Whether it is a laundry room or an awkward space with no clear purpose, you can transform these uninspired areas into a place where you will want to spend some time. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind?.

Don?t be afraid of color ~ Keep a monochromatic color scheme by layering different hues and textures of the same color family. Select one accent color and use it throughout in pillows, art and accessories.

Utilize entire space ~ Maximize vertical wall space and create a custom look with built- in bookcases and cabinetry.

Keep it organized ~ Find pieces that are multi- functional and hide all clutter. Baskets and bins make it easy to stay organized, designating a place for everything.

Furniture should be balanced ~ Opt for fewer larger scaled items paired with smaller accents. Consider building a window seat or banquette with hidden storage under the seat.

?Let there be Light? ~ Dress windows simply to make them appear larger and allow in natural light. Add a variety of light sources within the room; overhead as well as lamplight is ideal. Finally, hang a large mirror to reflect the window or other lighting to open up the space and make it feel larger.

No matter how small the space, you can create an intimate retreat that feels cozy and inviting. By transforming a boring room into a special place that inspires you, even the mundane chore of folding laundry can be an uplifting experience!

Tip submitted by:

Kimberlee Reehl, IRN

Reehl Interiors, Chester, NJ