Springtime in January

Bring spring into your home during the long, dreary winter months by making flowering branches and shrubs bloom early. This technique is called “forcing” and it’s very easy to do.

Cut the branches of your choice in mid-January to February. Bring them inside and give them a good soak in lukewarm water. Then place them in a cool room and in just a few weeks, you’ll have beautiful blossoms to admire.

January is a good month to force Forsythia and Witch Hazel; February look for Pussy Willow, Flowering Quince and Serviceberry. Depending upon the weather, February-March are good times for Apple or Crab Apple branches. Finally, and importantly, cut branches from Bridalwreath Spirea and Flowering Dogwood in March.

Tip submitted by:

Mary Beth Sasso, IRN

Room Revival, Farmington, CT