Step by Step into the Holidays (Part 2)

Make your home a haven from the sensory overload that inevitably accompanies the holiday season By the second week of December it is time for those who are celebrating Hanukkah to get out their special decorations and menorahs. People who are looking toward Christmas can begin to unpack and place a few favorite free-standing ornaments, such as figurines, crches, bells, and the like.

If you are having a Christmas tree, welcome it in during the third week of December. Its arrival will be all the more exciting for having been postponed until the other decorations have been put up. Whether or not you have a tree, now is the time to replace or refresh all of the evergreens you brought in earlier so that they will be bright for the New Year. Most important, from beginning to end, take the time throughout the month to let this year’s holiday decorating bring you comfort and joy during these busy weeks of midwinter.

Tip submitted by:

Rebecca Browning, IRN

Here and Now Interior Refinements, Silver Spring, MD