Tablescapes are arrangements of your art, accessories, collections and family pictures that are on the tops of tables, fireplaces, end tables, bookcases and so on. Tablescapes can tell stories about you and your interests. They lend themselves to the ambiance of the room, whether it is formal or casual. It is very pleasing to the eye to see small vignettes around the room. How the pieces are displayed is important, but the content is equally as important.

When you create a grouping, find the common denominator, such as a color or a theme. If you have a collection of porcelain cats, for example, don?t scatter them all over the room, find one area such as a top of a bookcase and display them all together. Always put the largest one in the back and the smallest ones in the front or put the largest to one side and the others stair stepping down to the smallest. This rule goes for arrangements on flat surfaces that are up against the walls. For coffee tables or dining room tables, the largest or the tallest item should be in the middle.

On an end table next to a chair or a sofa the arrangements should be to the back of the table so there is room for your glasses, beverage or your book.

The arrangements should always be balanced and never overcrowded. Remember ?Less is More?. If you have too many items displayed, your individual treasures cannot be seen.

Tip submitted by:

Karen Radique, IRN Gold Member

Decor Transitions, Beaverton, Oregon