These are a few of my favorite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens were some of Maria’s favorite things in the wonderful classic “The Sound of Music”. We should also apply this same principle to our dwellings. Our favorite things should be found throughout, surrounding us with treats for our eyes and senses and truly making our house a home.

As the famous ?Painter of Light?, Thomas Kinkade, writes in his book Lightposts for Living ? The Art of Choosing a Joyful Life, ?I love to be involved in the ongoing process of customizing my physical space to build in an ever deepening sense comfort and joy.

Proudly display your collections and memories and things you love. I enjoy birds. My husband and I make birdhouses, an activity we enjoy doing together. We hang them, sell them and give them away ? but we also have several lined up on a shelf together in our reading room along with a Howard Miller clock that chirps, tweets and twitters on the hour- it never fails to delight me!

Gather collections of like things to make an impact, or choose something special to highlight as a focal point, such as a beautiful painting you found while traveling or piece of pottery you picked up on vacation. Mix your favorite things in and among every room and watch how you?ll develop ?an ever deepening sense of comfort and joy? as you put your stamp on a home that is uniquely yours!

Tip submitted by:

Patty Kendall, IRN

Creative Decor, Hatfield, PA