Use What You Have for Holiday Decorating – part 1

When you think of starting your holiday decorating, most of us lug our same containers down every year from the attic. But have you ever thought of looking around your garden, craft room, linen closet or jewelry box? Most of us have plenty of everyday things around our homes that can be used in new ways for holiday decorating. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Lush greenery and garden accessories make a magical holiday display. Try urns, garden art, old clay pots, cherubs, birdbaths, birdhouses & nests, moss covered pots, ornamental cabbage and greenery, little white lights.

Beveled mirrors can add a little holiday bling to your table or even your front door.

Old gravy boats, soup tureens, punch bowls, sugar bowls can all hold ornaments or holiday greenery on a buffet table or display shelf.

A collection of sturdy candlesticks can be grouped together and hold single ornaments.

Put candles in an unused fireplace for a holiday glow.

Take a clear glass cake plate with a lid and fill the lid with old-fashioned colorful Christmas balls. Replace the base, turn it over and you have an instant centerpiece.

If you have old fish bowls you can fill them with cranberries and votive candles or ornaments.

Use pretty musical instruments like violins for a vignette.

Hang cookie cutters from ribbons on kitchen trees, chandeliers or windows

Fill copper, metal or iron buckets with paperwhites.

Use fruits, vegetables and edibles to make organic holiday art! Fill cylindrical glass containers with green or red apples or limes.

Cranberries can fill the bottom of glass vases before adding flowers.

Dip apples, grapes or plums in egg whites and roll in sugar for a frosty display.

Bake gingerbread men and hang them with ribbons from a small tree in the kitchen.

Tip submitted by:

Melissa Michaels , IRN

The Inspired Room, Portland, OR