Use What You Have for Holiday Decorating – part 2

Raid your craft room! Add glue and sparkles to anything and it will become a decoration fit for the holidays. Glue guns and sparkles can be your best friend around the holidays.

Decoupage old holiday sheet music to clay pots, or lay the sheets across a buffet and top with votive candles.

String beads and white pom pom poofs to make a fun whimsical garland.

Take strips of unused fabric and tie together to make holiday garland.

Tie silk greenery and white flowers with festive white ribbon and use for a tree topper instead of the traditional star.

String small jingle bells or other festive items on ribbons to hang from doorknobs.

Look through your linen cabinet. Pretty sheets, tablecloths, fabric and quilts can become tree skirts or be draped across tables.

Look through your clothes and coat closet! Scarves can be tied around pots or vases like bows.

Cozy mittens can be clipped together or tied with a ribbon and added to a front door wreath.

Dig through your jewelry box. Sparkly pins, earrings, pearl necklaces and other jewelry can be clipped to or draped over just about anything to give it a festive touch.

Just rummage around your house and garden to see what you can repurpose for the holidays!

Tip submitted by:

Melissa Michaels , IRN

The Inspired Room, Portland, OR