When it is Time to Shop for a New Sofa

Buy the best you can afford. It is one of the main pieces in your home and will help form the foundation for your room. Because it is one of the larger and more expensive pieces of your furnishings collection you are going to keep it for a long time. So, don?t settle for a sofa that is nominally less expensive than the one you really want, because you won?t be sorry you spent the extra dollars.

Consider a good neutral. By neutral, I don?t mean everyone should have a beige sofa. It can be a color but a solid color is best, and choosing a color from the common colors of nature will give you the most flexibility over time. This ?neutral? will allow you to stay up to date in styles and also allow you to change your look over the years with your art and accessories. Stay away from prints and graphic designs in the fabric as they become ?dated? quickly. Rather than a print fabric, consider texture in the fabric. This is a great alternative to give you depth and interest. Keep in mind that ever refreshing afternoon nap and get a fabric you like to touch.

Lastly, a medium to smaller size sofa will offer more flexibility in your space planning as you might want to alter the arrangement from time to time. Low profile sofas will ?open? the room visually and be more inviting to you and your guests.

This list, is by no means a comprehensive checklist, so to get the best sofa for your room and your needs, call your local Interior Refiner for a thorough consultation of your room. Your investment will pay for itself as an Interior Refiner will save you from making an expensive purchasing mistake and will take the stress out of the whole process! Happy Shopping!

Tip submitted by:

Betty Turner, IRN

WestsideRedesign.com, Kansas City, MO