DIY – How To Hide Your Electric Cords and Wires Quickly

June 29, 2011

Here’s a fast, easy and inexpensive DIY tip for hiding unsightly electric cords and wires.

Messy wires - Before

1. Measure the area you would like concealed, in front of the wires.

2. Go to Michael’s or any art supply or office goods store and get a sheet of foam core board that is closest to your measurements (a 32 inch x 40 inch sheet costs approximately $5). Most stores can cut the board to the exact dimensions you need.

3. If your wall is not white, prime and paint the foam board the same color as the wall.

Wires hidden - After

4. Simply place the foam core board in front of the wires – not touching them – where it will block them from sight. Whenever you need access to the cords, just move the board.

5. Enjoy the view.

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