Everyone Likes a Nice Room

Suggestions for making your child’s room homey

By ClubMom Decorating Expert Lauri Ward

Just like their Moms (and some Dads!) children have become more saavy about interior decorating. They see Mommy reading design magazines and watching HGTV and, when they visit their friends who have “cool” rooms, they, too, want to have comfortable, good-looking spaces where they can read, play, do their homework and sleep.

To help you create a functional and stylish bedroom for your kids here are a few tips:

Closets that Grow

Small children need to reach their clothes so that they can learn to dress themselves, but investing in a closet your child will soon outgrow is neither practical nor necessary. Instead, you can fit the existing closet in your child’s room with plastic brackets to hold a low pole for hanging clothes that can easily be moved up later on. You can also buy ready-made cubbies to hold folding clothes such as sweaters, tee shirts, jeans, sweat pants, and overalls—the clothes most young children wear every day. (See Resources.)

Sleepover Space-saver

Children’s rooms need lots of play space, so, instead of buying a second twin bed to use for “sleepover dates,” why not get a trundle bed that will “hide” under your child’s single twin.  Alternatively, use an inflatable bed that can be stored in a closet when it’s not in use.

Sibling Sanity

If your children are sharing a room, here’s a few tips to give them a good-looking bedroom — and cut down on sibling rivalry. Make sure there is matching bedding — sheets, blankets, and duvet covers — on each bed.

Center matching bulletin boards on the wall next to each bed so your kids can display their favorite photos and other pinups. Give them labeled storage bins in different but complementary colors to house their individual keepsakes and toys.

Color me Soothing

Would you be able to relax in your bedroom if it were painted bright red, blue, or yellow?

Although these primary colors are fun, children need tranquility too. Consider using colors like banana, celery, periwinkle, and peach, which are still striking but also soothing. And, with the exception of peach, any of these colors would work as well for a boy as a girl.

© Lauri Ward, 2006.

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