Give Your Home a Makeover in Minutes

3 easy transformations

By ClubMom Decorating Expert Lauri Ward

Here are a few quick tips to make your home more comfortable, easier to care for, and safer for your whole family without spending a lot of money:

In Your Hallway

If you have a standing coat rack in your front hall, consider replacing it with wall-mounted hooks. You can hang very low ones for young children so that they can learn to hang up their own jackets, and higher ones for older kids and adults. Standing coat racks are too high for little ones, and they can also topple over and hurt the small person who might be caught underneath.

In Your Bathroom

Kids sometimes forget that a shower curtain liner needs to be inside the tub in order to keep the bathroom floor dry. If your children keep forgetting, give them a reminder. Make up a small, white, business-size card that says, “Tuck me in!” Have it laminated and hang it from a metal key ring loop at the end of the curtain where the kids pull it closed. This gentle reminder will save your floors and your back. (This tip also works well for absent-minded adults!)

Throughout Your Home

Everyone needs good lighting. It is especially important for children, as they get older, to have sufficient light to do their homework and computer projects by. Table lamps with three-way switches that go up to at least 150 watts or small halogen desk lamps are best. And do make sure you are using the maximum wattage in all of the lamps throughout your home. You and your husband need good lighting to work and read by also.

© Lauri Ward, 2006.

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