Home Design Safety: How To Avoid Injury (Part 2)

Beautiful, comfortable home design requires more than an aesthetically lovely space and lots of cozy places to relax, it also calls for a safe environment. Just as we baby-proof our rooms to protect little people from injury, we need to shield everyone else from potential hazards, too.
For example: Have you ever bumped your leg – or your child, her head – on a sharp corner of a piece of furniture? Or have you bruised your hip on a pointy kitchen countertop?

Dangerous pointy countertops

Beware of pretty but pointy countertops that can bruise. (Photo from Houzz.com)

I’m guessing you might be nodding your head “yes” because both of these menaces seem to be ubiquitous. Sharply pointed metal or glass-topped coffee tables or the sharp corners of stone counters are the biggest culprits.

Dangerous pointy glass top tables.

Beware of pointy glass-topped coffee tables. (Table from DWR.com)

What can you do to correct the problem and still keep what you have? The pointy corners on furnishings are obviously a lot easier and less expensive to remedy than the countertop dilemma. (Consider checking with a mason to see if you can modify the pointy edges on your countertops.)

Softly rounded countertop corners are safe.

Softly rounded countertop corners are safer for the whole family.

For the table, simply replace the dangerous top with one that has softly rounded corners, whether wood, glass or stone. If your coffee table is rectangular you might even switch to an oval top, or a round top if you have a square, which would be safer and offer better Feng Shui.

Round or oval tables are safer.

A round or oval top is safer than a top with pointy corners. (Table from DWR.com)

If you have a table that has a fixed top and cannot be changed or modified, consider having another, slightly larger surface made from stone or wood, with rounded corners, to sit on the existing pointy one. The new top might be only 1″ bigger all around but that is sufficient to cover up the dangerous edges and resolve the issue, saving you and your family from black and blues, bumps and bruises.

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