How To Make A Beautiful Bed: 10 Tips From A Professional Decorator

Isn’t there something about a beautifully made bed that looks so inviting you just want to climb in and get under the covers? Don’t you feel it’s worth the 3-4 minutes it takes in the morning to make a nice, fresh bed and have it waiting for you at night?

Simple, elegant, inviting

Over the years the majority of my clients have agreed with those sentiments yet surprisingly few have known how to make a pretty bed. So here are 10 professional decorating tips:

1. Buy the best linens you can afford, preferably on sale. Good bedding is an investment that can last for many years and provide greater comfort than cheaper sheets and pillowcases.
2. Have linens for both warm and cold weather and switch things every 6 months.

Note: Real linen feels cool and heavenly in the summer but it can be costly. If you can’t afford to get a whole set, simply purchase 100% linen pillowcases. They’ll actually get better with age. Flannel bedding is warm and cozy in the winter. Bamboo linens are affordable, soft and an eco-conscious option,

3. Change your bedding once a week, minimum.
4. When you make your bed each morning, lift one corner of the fitted sheet and fluff several times. Goodbye dust mites!
5. If you have difficulty putting the 4th corner of a fitted sheet on your mattress, here’s a trick: Hold the last corner in one hand and, with your other hand, reach in and grip the small seam of that corner. Then, with the same hand that is gripping the seam, grab onto the corner of your mattress and pull the fitted sheet over the hand holding the corner and then down over the mattress corner. (If you can’t understand this description, please comment below and I’ll make a video of the technique for you.)
6. If you use a quilt, shake it several times and tuck the ends under the mattress. The top of the blanket can lie flat or be turned back. If you use a covered duvet, the duvet can be fluffed and folded back at the top (with or without a flat sheet underneath) and left with the sides hanging down. Or, fold the duvet over several times and set it down across the bottom of the bed.
7. Fluff standard or king pillows – whichever you sleep with – and stand them up or lay them flat against the headboard in a row. Then, in front of the sleeping pillows (which tend to be creased), place a second row of pillows, either European squares (26″) or king sized pillows. The number and type of pillows that will fit will be based upon the size of your bed.
8. Finally, in the front row, place two small pillows: a pair of buckwheat neck rolls (great for reading in bed), a pair of small “breakfast” pillows or a pair of small (14″) accent pillows to finish the bed.
9. Now, here’s the biggest secret of how to make any bed look fabulous! Be sure everything is taut! Check that your sheets, pillowcases, blankets, duvets are all tucked in tightly and/or smoothed down. Then tuck and smooth some more.
10. If you want to make your bed smell good too, get a couple of lavender sachets and place them under the sleeping pillows during the day.

Watch a bedding video from Editor at Large.

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