How To Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Electricity: Shine A Light On Your Plugs

How would you like to save hundreds of dollars on electricity bill every year? Okay! All you have to do is unplug everything in your home you are not using, right now.

Save money and power.

Save money with this easy tip.

Did you know that small kitchen appliances such as coffeemakers, toasters, toaster ovens, blenders, electric knives and other counter accouterments that are shut “off” yet are left plugged in are still using quite a bit of energy?

And, the same is true of computers, phone chargers, lamps, radios and televisions, which pull a lot of power even when not in use. For example, just one computer, left on at night (even if you have quit its various programs), can cost you more than $200 per year.

Unplug and save.

Unplug everything you’re not using.

By shutting it off and unplugging anything that you are not using, throughout your home (and neatly bundling the cords on each one so they are as unobtrusive as possible), you’ll likely see a reduction in your electric bill fairly quickly. That should charge you up.

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