Love Stories And Life Stories: One Of The Benefits Of Being A Redecorator

One of the things I love most about being an interior redecorator is having the chance to meet so many people and hear their life stories and, even, love stories.framed poem

Last week I worked with a client who had first called my firm in the early 1980s (she’d worked with one of our senior designers a couple of times; this was the first time she and I had met).

She told me how she and her present husband knew each other since childhood because their families were close friends and how he had taken her to her senior prom. Although there was a strong attraction between them, he was swept away by another woman, a dancer, whom he’d later married. She had also married and had children; yet they stayed in touch because of their parents.

Years later, with their respective children grown, they each left unhappy marriages and became a couple again. This time he realized that the sweet woman who was devoted to her family and loved to knit was, and had always been, the perfect girl for him. He wrote a beautiful and touching poem for her, declaring his true and undying love and he married her in New York on September 12, 2001, even though many of their guests were unable to fly in for their small wedding.

Last week, she showed me the black and white photo of the two of them taken at her senior prom. In it, a young man in a tuxedo is standing behind a young woman in a strapless gown who is wearing a wristlet corsage.

My client and I hung that photo in their bedroom, just an inch above her husband’s framed poem. Some things and some people just belong together.

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