Make Room for Baby

Even when there’s just not enough room

By ClubMom Decorating Expert Lauri Ward

With real estate prices still sky-high in most cities around the country, many families cannot afford to move from the homes they now live in. The issue is especially sensitive for families who are thinking about having another child or who are about to welcome a new baby into their home. Here is what one mother did:

When one of the Use What You Have® “interior refiners” gave birth to her second daughter, she found that the small 10- by 11-foot bedroom the girls were to share was going to be a problem. Although they were planning to buy a house within the next two or three years, they needed to make do with the space they had for now.

The room, with one standard-sized window on each of two walls and the doorway on a third wall, gave them few options for arranging the furniture in a way that would satisfy the needs of both children.

The interior refiner finally realized that the only direction she had to go was up. Although the ceiling was only 8 feet high, they built in a sleeping loft going from the back wall to the center of the room for the older child. The junior bed that the older child had been using was converted back into a crib for the baby and placed, with the changing table, in the open, “non-loft” section of the room.The entire section directly under the loft was given over to big sister’s bookcases and play table and two chairs.

When the work was finally complete and both girls were well ensconced in their redesigned room, the older girl told her mommy, “You are like a magician. Before, I had one room, but you turned it into two!”

© Lauri Ward, 2006.

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