Make Your Bed And Enjoy Sleeping In It: 6 Tips


A well-made bed looks and feels inviting.

Lots of clients tell me they’d love to have a beautiful-looking bed but they have no idea how to make one. Here are a few tips to make your bed look and feel inviting:


A Pottery Barn bed and bedding

1. To begin, lift one corner and fluff up the fitted sheet. Not only will this air the bed and get rid of dust mites, it will make the bed look and feel fresher when you climb in at night.

2. Fold back the top 14″ of blanket and top sheet and tuck the top sheet under the blanket. Then, tuck in the sheets and blankets, tightly, all around the bed, under the mattress. Tautness is key! (Do not include the duvet.)

3. Now, fluff up and stand up sleeping pillows against the headboard. (Some people recommend putting the standard pillows in front of the decorative pillows but, in my opinion, the creases created from sleeping on the pillowcases don’t look very attractive.)

4. Add European square pillows, king sized pillows, plus a couple of neck rolls or breakfast accent pillows standing up in front of the sleeping pillows.

5. Next, fold your duvet/quilt in thirds and lie it across the width of the bed, near the bottom edge, leaving the ends hanging on either side of the bed.

6. Stand back and enjoy looking at your bed and climbing into it at night!


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