Music, Art And Imagination: Using What You Have

Last night, I went to the John Mayer concert in West Palm Beach (Phil Phillips opened).

John Mayer

John Mayer rocked the South Florida audience.

John Mayer in West Palm Beach

John Mayer in concert last night.

Phil Phillips opening for John Mayer

Phil Phillips. And, yes, our seats were that good.

Mayer is such a virtuoso guitarist; he dazzled the audience with what seemed like 10 different acoustic and electric guitars. Talk about imagination: He even played one on his back – backwards!

Yet it was his song writing, especially his lyrics, that seemed most powerful. What a talent to be able to take words that everyone uses and be able to fashion them into something magical. I guess that is what art is – having the vision, or the ear as is Mayer’s case, and the skill to use what one has to produce something moving and/or inspiring.

Here are several projects where artists simply used what was available and commonplace to create extraordinary things.

By the way, are you using what you have to contribute to a more beautiful world?

Rainbow house

Rainbow house
(courtesy Art & Design, Mahshar Ghasemiyeh)

Cork Art

Cork art
(courtesy, Scott Gundersen)

Rock art

Rock art
(courtesy Art & Architecture, Neil Aggellou)

Lego art

Rubik’s Cube art
(photo courtesy Art & Architecture, Peter Fecteau)

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