Reader’s Digest – Good Tidyings

December 8, 2008
Have you ever noticed how many houses and apartments appear cluttered whenever holiday decorations are put on display? Instead of providing the uplifting ambience that enhances each room with the spirit of the season, lots of homes seem to look visually chaotic when Christmas accents are added.

If your home gives the impression of being as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey whenever you put up your holiday ornaments, here are two simple things you can do to make your place look more peaceful, instantly.

no clutter

Just say no to clutter – especially during the holiday season.

First, clear the decks and the halls: Remove all of the regular decorative accessories that you exhibit year-round in the entrance, living room, dining room, den and family room. This goes for your mantel and any open shelves that you plan on trimming, too. By taking the time to do this, not only will you free up and ready your horizontal surfaces for your holiday displays, you will also have the opportunity to dust and polish the furniture beforehand.


Holiday time – a time to throw out those newspapers!

Second, look down. Do you have miscellaneous bits and pieces on the floor? If so, it’s time to remove anything that is not furniture. That’s right, those newspapers and magazines and “piles” of odds and ends that are scattered about need to be eliminated in order to make your rooms seem more spacious as well as to make way for your Christmas tree.

Taking these simple but important steps will help ensure that your home will feel tranquil and look elegant during the holiday season.

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