Reader’s Digest – Tie (or Tape) One On Holiday Decorations

December 10, 2008
My firm, Use What You Have Interiors, is keen on redesigning with the things our clients already own, even when it comes to holiday decorating. One of the benefits of this approach, aside from saving money, is that it makes everyone take stock of how they can recycle their things in new and different ways.

If you, too, are trying to be more budget-conscious this year, take a look around your house or apartment to see what you may already have to create a warm and inviting holiday environment. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Make use of the Christmas cards you received last year: Cut out the pictures on the front of the cards and create new ornaments for your tree. Using a hole- puncher, add an opening at the top of each cutout and then run some matching ribbon through each hole. Tie the new decorations to the tree by making pretty bows, for a cohesive, colorful effect.

Christmas Cards

Turn your Christmas cards into holiday decorations!2) Tape the Christmas cards you receive this year to your front door. You can shape the group in a circle, like a wreath; to save buying a real one (the size of the “card wreath” will be determined by the number of cards you receive) or you can simply cover your entire door, from top to bottom, with your 2008 cards. Your guests will have fun reading them all while they wait for you to answer the door!

3) Here’s one of my personal favorites: Instead of using conventional ornaments on your tree, hang up photos of beloved friends and relatives who are no longer around (string wire or ribbon through the tops, to attach each photo to the tree). This will help you keep all of your special loved ones a bit closer during holidays, whether they live far away or have passed on.

By using your imagination and decorating with the things you already have on hand, you can get a lot of value and add charming touches to your home during holidays.

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